born 1980 in seoul

CHUL-UI, SONG is a SOUNDRAWING photographer in South Korea. He studied music since he was a boy and majored in flute at university. In Chul-ui first encountered photography by chance during a visit to London in 2006 which led him to his current profession as a Commercial photographer specializing in fashion catalogue.

Other than commercial photography, Chul-Ui has always enjoyed work in nature and continues to work in this area where he currently resides in Jeju. Chul-Ui Constantly seeks to broaden his horizons through photography and he wishes others to sympathize his appreciation of nature.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011 "A Beautiful Sight" Herstory hall in SEOUL
2015 "The Sight and Scene" Donato's in JEJU
2016 "JEJUSUM STORY" Menier gallery in LONDON


2015 BMW MINI CLUBMAN Launching Image Display
2016 Four Seasons of Jeju Norime Park

Music Photography

2010 UV single album "No Cool I’m Sorry (쿨하지 못해 미안해)"
2010 UV 1st mini album "Back to the Dance (집행유애)"
2010 San-E m/v "Lovesick"
2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Macao
2011 UV single album "Itaewon Freedom (이태원 프리덤)"
2011 UV single album "Tralala (트랄랄라)"
2012 YooSeYoon single album "Art Video (예술이야)"
2012 UV m/v "Artist (그 여자랑 살래요)"
2012 UV concert “빽투더미쳐"
2012 UV 2nd mini album "Artist"
2013 KimSonSon 3rd single album "멍때림"
2014 Sweet-Salt Singe album "왜 그렇게 우린 힘들었을까"
2014 Sweet-Salt Ep album “달소나무"
2015 Unknow Dress “A Garden of Her Own” Part1
2016 IMINGUN Jazz Piano Album “비단구두”